lunedì 13 novembre 2017 AutoAim BlackWoT v14 FREE!!!!!

valid until 16.11.2017!!!!
Improved auto-aim. Allows you to see enemies behind obstacles, to capture them in sight and behind obstacles to direct sight proactive(taking into account the speed of technology and projectile). Allows you to target the places with the thinnest armor. Indispensable for shooting with artillery at moving enemies.

giovedì 2 novembre 2017

PlazmaKeks World Of Tanks: Here We Go...

PlazmaKeks World Of Tanks: Here We Go...: Advertisements Here We Go... WG "legal" actions against the biggest modding community or how to play the "...

Apollo's Blog Modified!

I modified the Apollo's Blog because i don't have enough time to update all mods on the blog after every f*cking patch of that ******* game......
So i decided to pubblicate only helpicsmods and blackwot mods......
What to say? The best mods and modpacks what you can find online...with the best support... this is blackwot!
About blackwot mods i don't have to say anything....because who knows the forum already knows what i am talking about........the best forum with the best mods and modpacks and absolutely with the best support!!!.....Helpicsmods is another great blog and the author give us  really good mods.....and with great support (i will answer to every question reguard his mods and blackwot mods!)
And at the end there is also my own modpack..... what i will update and upload as fast as possible.....
I hope you all will like it!!!
Don't forget to visit me on Blackwot!!!!! EWA AimBOT Gen.2 By PolarFox

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Changes in the EWA 2 module :

    – Fixed a bug with a hot key

    – Added option to disable text inscriptions

    – Added option to disable shot blocking

    – Deceleration slowed down in case of target jerks

    – minor edits BlackWot Destroyed Objects On The Minimap By PolarFox Helpics Red Ball for EU and NA servers Helpics Antifences for EU and NA servers (Broken Destructible) BlackWot Tundra Script by Polar Fox